The Ultimate Guide to Fallen Earth

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Like we do in every game, DRLP created an Ultimate guide to the game itself, including all the informations the game doesn’t tell you, in an in-depth, accurate way.
The guide is constantly updated as soon as we discover something: every day something new may be present.
If you want to contribute you are free do to so and we thank you for that.

It’s a good idea to send people in need of help from Help Channel chat to this guide, in order to clear most of their doubts and have an answer to most questions packed in a link.

NOTE: The guide is graphics-heavy.
You might need to reload the page a few times to load all the images.

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This is the main site of Fallen Earth.
Get the downloader here, install it and login with the data you used previously: the game will auto-update to the latest version.
It’s not recommended to use the direct download, I downloaded it twice (10gb total) using 2 different download methods and they both resulted in corrupted archives.
While you wait you can register your account using the downloader itself.
Once the game is fully patched you will be able to play the game by login with your account.
In case you get the “Unable to connect. Check your internet connection.” error make sure you are running FEUpdaterprogram as administrator. If this doesn’t help, make sure that FEUpdaterprogram and frontendprogram are added to the exceptions list for both your firewall and anti-virus software.
If it still doesn’t work try restarting your PC/router; if it’s still stuck then it’s a server problem, the Admins might be updating the game or doing maintenance.

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Once you created your character you’ll be sent to the tutorial.
Remember free players have only one character slot per account, so if you want another character you will have to make another account: this is OK with the game rules.

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The first thing you might want to do is fixing your User Interface according to your likings; it’s a good idea to put everything in the bottom so that you have a clear view on the surroundings.
This is an example of user interface setup.
Note that non-payers get an annoying “UPGRADE!” button, that luckily can be moved away from the screen (I suggest bottom-right) and become invisible.
The Interface is fully customizable but let’s forget that for now and talk about the basics.
The interface items can be dragged and resized at will.
To drag a piece of the UI simply click mouseover the piece you want to move until you clearly see the borders: at this point click and hold, then drag it wherever you want.
Some UI pieces can also be resized, such as the chat.
If you mouseover the borders or angles the cursors will become a two-ways arrow: then you can freely increase or decrease the size of the UI piece.

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After this you might want to familiarize with the controls, these are the most important buttons:

  • TAB/Mouse wheel click is used to switch from exploring mode to combat mode and vice versa. Very important as doing some actions require you to be in exploring mode.
  • CTRL+Mouse wheel scrolling allows you to scroll through your weapons: you can have six weapons equipped and can dual-wield one-handed weapons.
  • If you want to take a screenshot of your character, you can rotate the camera by holding ALT and rotating the visual with right click. CTRL+Q to take screenshots.
  • Shift+Click lets you loot everything from a lootable item/enemy.
  • Combat hotkeys: “P” sends you in prone position (more accuracy and harder to be hit), “C” sends you in sneaking mode to avoid detection.
  • General hotkeys: “I” opens the inventory bag, “G” opens the weapon inventory, “V” opens the skills window and “J” opens the mission window.

Now let’s start the tutorial: beat up the scientist with your fists, use the computer and follow the mission hints.
In this tutorial you will get to know the 6 factions, use the harvesting system and all: remember to check the hints on the top-left side of the screen (you can hide them by clicking the little arrow nearby) in order to learn the ropes.
Once you are done with the tutorial mission you will be asked to choose between 3 cities: a Combat city, most suited for killing action and leveling, a Travel city most suited for marketeers and a Crafting city suited for crafters/harvesters.
The game will teleport you to the city of your choice and it’s a very good idea to continue with the mission line you are given: this will lead you to understand the world, the story and most of all get your first horse.

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You’ll most likely be a bit confused at this point, there is a LOT of people around, many NPCs and a general chaos: it’s a starting zone so every new player is there with you, and is most likely as confused as you!
Fear not, let’s get some logic in this chaos.
These are the 3 main things you have to locate and remember the location of:

  • The Mission-giving NPCs have a green biohazard symbol over their head: these guys will give you missions that earn you money, experience and Advancement Points (AP). Note that it’s very important to do the missions given by the guy inside the bunker you start from after the tutorial: he will give you a free horse in the end.
  • The Auctioneer is the market; you can buy/sell stuff there, and the items you buy are sent to the blue mailbox nearby.
  • Profession/Tradeskill Trainers; these guys train you in various professions/arts, if you choose to.
    You can buy books that enable you to harvest various materials worth a lot of blue chips.

It’s a good idea to simply complete the missions while trying to get new weapons from the Auctioneer (check the DPS of the weapon in the tooltip, you should be able to get one with twice the DPS of the starting guns) , and generally start to understand how the game works, getting used to the controls, etc.
Next steps should be getting a decent armor setup, leveling your harvesting skills with the nearby nodes, and get a better horse.
Getting the improved horse costs 5 blues and is fundamental as it uses almost 3 times less food.

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